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Are you feeling the weight of your extraordinary ​journey as a leader?

The demands of both home and career can feel like an endless balancing ​act.

Your sacrifices, your conquests—they don't go unnoticed.

It's time to prioritize YOU.

Professional Coaching is for you, if the below questions ​resonate with you:

  • Amidst the victories, do you find yourself struggling with not being ​enough?

  • Are you juggling multiple roles & responsibilities, leaving you ​emotionally & mentally drained?

  • Do you battle imposter syndrome, doubting your own competence ​despite your achievements?

  • Are you neglecting self-care, slipping into burnout and exhaustion, ​feeling like you're failing as a parent and partner?

  • Do you often wish you had more support or a guide to help you ​navigate the complexities of work and life?

It's time to prioritize YOU.


I’m Becky Tibbetts

I'm here to guide and partner with you on your ​journey to thriving in life and work. As your coach, ​I've been in your shoes, navigating the challenges ​of balancing career and personal life. Over time, ​I've gained valuable insights that transformed me ​from feeling completely overwhelmed to thriving.

I have been trained to design and lead coaching ​sessions and gatherings that are more interactive, ​engaging, and human-centered experiences. I use ​proven frameworks that enable deep connection, ​meaningful conversations, and a true sense of ​belonging, which supports growth and learning. I ​am also certified by the International Coaching ​Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.

Ignite SPARK™

This coaching program is tailored precisely for ​extraordinary leaders like you—a lifeline of support a​nd empowerment. Together, we'll enhance your we​ll-being, elevate your personal life, and amplify yo​ur professional mastery. It's time to rise even higher, ​to lead not just with strength but with sou​l​.

By joining IGNITE SPARK, you'll gai​n​:

  • Enhanced leadership skills and self-confiden​ce
  • Improved time management and stress reducti​on
  • Greater emotional intelligence and resilien​ce
  • Enhanced communication and influen​ce
  • Increased overall wellbeing and work-life harmo​ny
  • Effective strategies for navigating new roles a​nd combating imposter syndro​me
  • Clarity, confidence, and the ability to take ba​ck control of your li​f​e

Businesswomen at the Workplace


what clients are saying

Becky is an excellent ​leadership coach. Her knack for ​asking the precise questions at ​the perfect moment is ​unparalleled. With Becky's ​guidance, I found clarity and ​confidence to navigate my next ​steps in whatever challenge ​was at the forefront that week. ​Her expertise in aiding high ​achievers to hone in on what ​truly matters is remarkable. If ​you're ready to level up your ​leadership game, Becky is the ​secret weapon you've been ​searching for.

- Nicole

Becky has turned out to be ​EXACTLY what I needed in this ​season of my life; her coaching ​has gone beyond my ​expectations!

- jessica

Becky is amazing!! The insight ​and knowledge I’ve gained ​through working with her has ​been so eye-opening. You don’t ​know, what you don’t know!

Sometimes, it just takes ​someone asking and guiding.

- Colleen

Next Steps

Step 1:

Download Your ​Spark Assessment

Begin your journey by c​laiming your free download. T​his assessment will provide v​aluable insights into your c​urrent situation and help c​hart the course for your t​ransformation.

Step 2:

Schedule a ​Consult

Let's discuss your unique ​roadmap to your full ​potential. Book a ​consultation with me to ​delve deeper into your ​goals, challenges, and ​aspirations.

Step 3:

Join a Program

Whether you prefer a ​supportive group environment ​or personalized attention, ​choose the coaching program ​that suits you best. Stay on ​track to your success with ​ongoing guidance and ​support.

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