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  • Let's Spark a Great Culture together!

    Corporate Coaching and Speaking Services

    Professional Executive and Leadership Team Coaching will:

    • Build Trust
    • Increase team collaboration and performance
    • Reduce burnout
    • Increase employee satisfaction and lessen turnover

    Some of the most common topics are:

    Mental Fitness Training

    Conflict Management

    Time Management and Productivity



    Health and Wellness

    Boost performance

    Enhance creativity 

    Corporate Coaching

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    1:1 Leadership Coaching

    Do you want to offer 1-on-1 leadership coaching as a benefit to your employees? 

    Set up a call to discuss your organization's needs, and we'll design a custom solution for you!

    Group Leadership Coaching

    Help your employees gain vital leadership skills with group coaching. We'll make a plan with specific topics, criteria, and timeframes that suit you and your aspiring leaders.

    Special Events

    I am available for speaking and training events on various life and leadership topics.

    Some topics include: 

    • Three things lead to burnout, so STOP doing them now.
    • Work-life balance, and it’s NOT a myth; it’s necessary!
    • Reprioritizing Self-Care as Self-Stewardship is actually a sign of a great leader.
    • Mental Fitness as you think so you are.
    • 4 Pillars of Courageous Leadership

    And so much more!

    Schedule a call to discuss your event's needs and specifics.